Primesite Construction Building for your Lifestyle
Primesite ConstructionBuilding for your Lifestyle

The Unique Initiatives to provide affordable housing solutions to Public Sector Organisations

What we can offer

Option 1:

If you are in need of extra accommodation for local residents, students or staff and you have land, then we will build you bespoke accommodation at ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU. We can do this because we will receive the rent from the occupants. At the end of a negotiated period the units will become yours, leaving you with a TOTALLY FREE ASSET.

Option 2:

Given a site with a long lease we can fund and develop sustainable residential houses, flats or lodges and them directly to the end user at A VASTLY DISCOUNTED RATE. We then advise the equity uplift of the houses is capped in line with percentage house price houses in the area and therefore the houses do not immediately leap to normal market value. The freehold is then given to a nominated committee that will supervise any future resale of the units.

The Product

We have teamed up with a very forward thinking company who deliver high tech carbon neutral residential and lodge style units. The units (either standard or bespoke) are designed using Building Information Modelling and are manufactured to a very high standard. They offer a virtual elimination of fuel poverty by virtue of fantastic insulation and triple glazed windows. This is the way forward for economic and sustainable housing solutions.

How Would it Work?

As the needs of each institution and site will be specific then bespoke packages will be created but in essence;

Step 1 - Assess your needs. How many and whom do you need to accommodate? Local residents, students or staff?

Step 2 - Look at the land you have available.

Step 3 - We decide on the units to be used and model the site layout.

Step 4 - A contract subject to negotiation. There is no catch! Just practicalities to make the scheme work.

Step 5 - Planning. We then take the whole scheme through planning using our expert team of planning consultants.

Step 6 - We fund and build the units at no cost to you.

Step 7 - The units are them rented or sold depending on which option is chosen.

We are located at:

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


Office:   +44 1306 731236

Mobile: +44 7748 847627 (David)

Mobile: +44 7962 064055 (Rachel)

Sykpe name: rachel.long2073
Skype number:  +44 20 8144 7214

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